Rebound Rewards are available on the first day of the month, one full calendar month after the order was placed. For example, if an order was placed on July 15th (or any other day in July), the reward would be available on September 1st.

Rebound Rewards Schedule
Month Order Was PlacedReward SentReward Expires
JanuaryMarch 1stMay 31st
FebruaryApril 1st
June 30th
MarchMay 1stJuly 31st
AprilJune 1stAugust 31st
MayJuly 1stSeptember 30th
JuneAugust 1stOctober 31st
JulySeptember 1stNovember 30th
AugustOctober 1stDecember 31st
SeptemberNovember 1stJanuary 31st*
OctoberDecember 1stFebruary 28th*
NovemberJanuary 1st*March 31st*
DecemberFebruary 1st*April 30th*
* denotes the following year.